ZAMAARS, the band is a well-known Indian Musical Band. Profoundly all the members are skilled with Contemporary classical music art, Modernism (music), Modern jazz, Modern rock and other popular music. Holding a three star from many known Gospel Singers, Zamaars have been actively working with the vision to lead Praise and Worship in many Churches and Gospel Events and Crusades. Now, the meaning of Zamaars is very exciting when it comes to Praising and Worshiping to our King of Heaven and earth, and lifting the name of Jesus with Instrumental Sound like Guitars, drums and keyboard and other exciting noise. (ZAMAARS) It’s actually a Hebrew word which marks a core factor of, “Making a Shout of Praise with skilled musical sound”. Vision: ZAMAARS holds a vision to contribute 100% of the skilled music for various events, meeting, youth camps and spreading the love of God towards east, west, north and south part of the world. Mission: To serve God with the gift of Music, help the lost souls in finding a way towards God. And train the youth and adults with Qualified Certification in any Music Instrument which includes Drums, Guitar (Bass, Lead and Acoustic), and Key Boards. Plucking ‘ZAMAARS, the Band is on Rock for the Glory of God!!!’

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